Here goes nothing…again

People say that the third times the charm. In my case, hopefully the fifth time will be. I have tried to start a blog during different points in my life but was never able to continue posting, mostly due to the realization that my life is not that interesting and my thoughts are not that thoughtful. But, I’m 22 now and at a point where I just need somewhere to let the voices in my head dump its nonsense. During the last year of college, I had developed a terrible habitat of needing to fall asleep with Netflix on in the background due to the fact that if the room was silent, the voices in my mind would get too loud. And just so you don’t start thinking I’m a crazy girl (yet), when I say voices, I’m referring to my own, not some demon trying to speak to me. My hope is that writing out these thoughts will allow my mind to be at rest and hopefully sleep better.